Transforming The Telco: Developing the instinct for survival in the digital economy

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Digital transformation is undoubtedly the challenge of this generation of Telco executives,
and how well we handle it will determine the shape of the Telco industry for decades to come. If we handle it poorly, we will watch the Telco influence being stripped away year on year, until it has little to offer beyond being a communications utility that competes primarily on price. If we handle it well, we will see multiple new types of Telcos emerge, each one ready and able to compete with the rest of the digital economy.

This latest book by industry thought-leader Martin Creaner takes an holistic view of the challenge presented by Digital Transformation. From the evolution towards an autonomously managed, virtualized infrastructure, to the business model changes required to compete effectively in new digital service arenas, to the process reengineering required to manage customers and exploit data at the speed of the digital economy, digital transformation impacts on every part of the Telco. And underpinning all of this are the fundamental cultural and organizational changes needed to survive in this new competitive environment.

Transforming the Telco outlines the ten journeys that the telco must embark on to successfully transform, and how the multiple possible end-states of the transformed telco, from dumb-pipe to integrated digital services provider, can all be made to work. It also shares detailed analysis on some of the surprising new digital service opportunities that align well with the Telco core competencies, ranging from drones to connected cars to video analytics.

Based on extensive original research, practical transformation projects and interviews with transformation experts, ‘Transforming the Telco’ aims to be the most comprehensive analysis of the current state of telco digital transformation and the longer-term prospects for the industry.

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