Supply Chain 4.0: From Stocking Shelves to Running the World

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The Supply Chain has undergone tremendous change over the last decade or so transforming from boring administrative functions into the life blood of the business. Technological advances as well as globalisation have enabled this rapid evolution and digital transformation is at the very heart of it. Changing business philosophy from product to customer to demand centric approaches has shaped the way businesses build supply chains and empowered them to represent the company’s objectives, ethics and culture. But there is only so much that can be done to build and manage a supply change in the internet era as change is fast and dynamic. The Industry 4.0 revolution and its associated IoT technologies are the solution to global demand volatility, mass product individualisation and soaring customer expectations as autonomous technologies can react to sense and shape demand rapidly, dynamically and autonomously heralding the era of Supply Chain 4.0 where Supply Chains are running the world.

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