Flow: A Handbook for Change-Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders: Simplifying Digital Transformation

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Flow is a must-read for leaders and team members who want to embrace agile innovation in the workplace. It is a guide to changing your culture and work practices, embracing new ways to work such as Devops and faster innovation made possible by the Cloud.

For individuals this book provides an opportunity to up-skill, not just as an agile team member but also to create a career in change management. For companies, ti spells out some of the key steps in digital transformation. It will benefit project managers, the PMO office, agile coaches, scrum masters, software engineers and people in the business who want to learn how to collaborate more effectively.

Whether you are in software engineering or in business innovation, you need the techniques outlined in Flow.

The book’s lessons are drawn from actual examples and practices of transforming organisations. Its authors are pioneers of Flow practices. In this book they set out lessons learned in a highly illustrated, wonderfully designed book that is easy to read and packed with information on how transformative organisations now work.

You should buy Flow if:
You are participating in any transformation activity
You work in a fast paced innovative workplace
You want to understand advances in agile as a practice
You want to enhance your career by learning more about the future of agile in business
You want to broaden your skills and become a leader in agile transformation.

It is written for:
Project managers
Business leaders
Scrum masters
Software engineers and developers who want to expand their career horizons
Business analysts who want to learn more about IT
Business analysis’s who want to re-engage with customers
Producer owners and product managers
Digital marketers
HR Professionals who want to understand changing roles.

Contents include:
A primer on the impact of digital technology on work
The benefits of more social interaction for collaboration in the workplace
The importance of transparency in leadership and how to achieve it
Introducing visible work
Modern leadership qualities
Flow teams
Collaborative work design
Just-in-time strategy
And the organisation as a learning model.

Flow should be read in conjunction with 12 Steps to Flow, a primer on each of the steps necessary to create a digital and agile culture. It helps large enterprises prepare for this essential change. But uniquely for a business book it does so through highly graphical illustrations that reflect a core message of the book: visualise everything.

It will teach you how to accelerate the pace and scope of innovation by integrating Agile and Lean methodology with new principles of continuous innovation.

Benefit from:
Ultra-short cycle times;
More value, less waste;
Startup-style pivot ability;
Process innovation at pace.

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