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The world is becoming more and more digital. And the business world, even more so. This means that market leaders are betting heavily on Digital Transformation.

First, let’s talk about Nike, which was one of the first corporations to appoint a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in 2016. Their main objective: to transform the business due to new digital opportunities.

Let’s also discuss General Electric (GE), a corporation worth more than $100 billion, which has created Predix, the industrial cloud-based operating system that uses its internal and external customers. Their objective is to generate $4 billion using this platform in the coming years. Thanks to initiatives like this one, GE’s digital unit aims to reach $150 billion dollars in revenue and an additional $1 billion from reducing costs by improving the efficiency of its internal operations.

And finally, let’s talk about Walmart, which is becoming a digital giant. How did they do it? Through an aggressive inorganic growth strategy, based mainly on the $1.6 billion purchase for a 77% stake in Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant that Jeff Bezos also showed interest in. This purchase is allowing them to boost the company’s online sales.

As you can see, a Digital Strategy is part of the most successful corporations’ agendas. But, how can we define Digital Strategy? A good way to do this is to talk about it in terms of process; that is, considering it “the result of a planning process by which a company defines new business strategies based on digital capabilities and a specific action plan to implement them”.

In other words, creating a Digital Strategy does not just mean digitizing the company’s processes. It also doesn’t mean creating a new web page or a mobile application in the Apple Store. It is about reinventing the business, taking advantage of existing digital capabilities or creating new ones.

Do you want to develop your own Digital Strategy and become a market leader yourself? Throughout this book, I will explain how to do so using my methodology, called the “Digital Strategy Blueprint” or DSB.

To put it into practice, we will use real examples from companies like Nike, Walmart, and Ikea. Through these examples, you will learn to analyze the current situation of a business in terms of digital capabilities and to develop the future digital model and a corresponding action plan to achieve it.

DSB is based on accumulated experience developing management projects for the most prominent multinational corporations (although this method can also be used in smaller companies and even startups).

Learn the Digital Strategy methodology I teach to Fortune 500 companies. If you follow these lessons and take action, I’m confident you’ll start to see high-growth of your business.

Trust it. It has been designed for organizations who want to achieve growth and high performance.

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